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Take control of your booking data to increase productivity, eliminate errors, and increase revenue

Agentivity is a data management and reporting tool that provides easy-to-read, error-free, and actionable reports on every aspect of your business so you can serve customers better, easily identify up-sell opportunities, and proactively address a range of issues in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

From ticketing to agency performance, traveller identification and location, consultant productivity, supplier management, and missed hotel opportunities – we provide it all at the click of a button.

Now more than ever, it’s important to deliver the best possible service in the most efficient way. Agentivity makes your data work for you so you can help your customers better and more efficiently.

“Agentivity is THE tool that allows us to do more with less.”

Gain control of your data to perform better, faster, and more profitably.

Is Agentivity a good fit for your Agency?

Discover how Agentivity helps you gain control of your data to perform better, faster, and more profitably.

    Get a complete picture of your staff’s activity

    Agentivity has a unique way of identifying why your staff touched a booking and tracks:

    • the creation of a booking.
    • itinerary changes.
    • ticketing events.
    • cancellation events.
    • general booking servicing.

    We show you the full picture of where your staff spends their time and give you insight into your customer’s bookings behavior.




    “Agentivity is my lifesaver!  I lead a virtual team and without Agentivity, I would not be able to manage productivity remotely.  The stats provided have the real-time data that allows me to ensure there is an even workload within my team.” – Heidi Hawkes, Rennies Travel

    Get a complete picture of your staff’s activity
    Automate your most labour-intensive reporting

    Automate your most labour-intensive reporting​

    You shouldn’t spend hours manually putting together a report that can be generated within minutes. We consolidate all of your data instantly into a single, easy-to-understand view.

    Just one example is that you’ll never again have to spend hours helping your customers renew their travel insurance policies. With Agentivity, you’ll automatically get a 100% accurate recap of all your customers’ travel records as required by the insurance providers.



    “Agentivity has streamlined several of our daily routines, from GDS queue processing to lost revenue opportunities. Previously these were labour intensive, now they just happen.” – Scott Pawley, GTM

    Share accurate Duty of Care reporting, fast

    Agentivity enables you to quickly respond to customer questions about a traveller’s whereabouts. Our Passenger Locator, for example, tells you exactly where a customer’s traveling employees are in case of disruptions. A range of filters such as destination, connection, but also region or country helps speed up reporting on a traveller’s location.

    Agentivity also alerts you about multiple passengers being booked on the same flight and helps you forward booking data to other Duty of Care providers such as International SOS.

    COVID-19 has made efficient and accurate Duty of Care reporting a key requirement. With Agentivity, meeting that requirement becomes effortless.

    When an incident occurs that might involve a flight, airline, airport or even a whole country we can use Agentivity to quickly check if any of our clients are affected. This enables us to respond quickly and take prompt action when required. – Richard Nichol, Clyde Travel

    Share accurate Duty of Care reporting, fast
    Avoid errors and ADMs

    Avoid errors and ADMs

    Agentivity makes sure you’re always aware of which bookings require urgent action. It has a unique ability to find and understand airline remarks within bookings so you don’t have to go looking for them. 

    Agentivity presents airline ticketing demands in an easy-to-read list, tells you which bookings require ticketing, and shows you different types of airline warnings you need to focus on first.

    Check which bookings for today, tomorrow, and future dates still have problems that need to be resolved so you can tackle those before your client gets to the airport and notices something’s wrong… or you get an ADM for GDS wastage.

    We check and remember things for you so your staff can focus elsewhere, knowing they’ll be notified of anything that needs their immediate attention.

    “ADMs in most cases are avoidable but difficult to prevent, which is the exact problem Agentivity solves for us – it has greatly reduced our ADM exposure.” – Sujeet Desai, Airserve Marine

    Offer better customer service, easily

    Agentivity’s one-click-away reports don’t just make it easy to answer customers questions fast, they also allow you to help customers proactively.

    With all of their booking data at your finger tips, you can:

    • advise them about their booking patterns and help them save money.
    • show them which travellers keep incurring high fares because of their booking behaviour.
    • send them automated reports on a regular basis, offering them a service they’re not likely to get elsewhere.

    “With Agentivity we are able to not only respond quickly to a customer request for a report, but also in a consistent way that we know includes the correct data, every time. Agentivity is a must have for any agent serious about offering great customer service.” – Anthony Jeynes, TAG

    Automate your most labour-intensive reporting
    Leader. Concept illustration. 3d visualization.

    Increase your revenue

    Quickly see which bookings hold up-sell opportunities and whether it makes sense to act on them. You can find unsold opportunities by travel date range, by specific destination and even by specific corporate account.

    This means you can strongly increase the checks you run for your VIP customers – from preferred seating over private chauffeurs to interesting tours -, offering a better service to more accounts in less time.

    Our reports also allow you to make use of the best rate codes (hotels) and tour codes (air) to ensure you don’t miss out on potential supplier revenues.

    We’ll even track for you which agent is most successful at generating up-sells.

    “Agentivity’s automated analysis of our passive hotel segments allow us to quickly identify opportunities where we could have earned more revenue by moving the booking to a GDS active version. Agentivity absolutely contributes to our bottom line – every penny counts.” – Sailesh Parbhu, XL Nexus Travel

    Strengthen supplier relationships

    • Keep track of what you do for suppliers so you can highlight how you’ve supported them.
    • Use our data to analyze how you can help them even better.
    • Agentivity continuously monitors your coupons so your reporting always shows up-to-date coupon statuses.
    • See at a glance which bookings you need to chase to meet target deadlines thanks to our report of all active unticketed bookings.
    • Work closer with suppliers in potential joint promotions.

    “The forward looking booking data from Agentivity allows us to act quickly on identifying where we can achieve switch-selling to preferred suppliers. It’s adds incredible value for us.” – Arpit Jain, Satguru Travel & Tourism

    Strengthen supplier relationships
    Make sure all staff follows the correct processes and eliminate mistakes

    Make sure all staff follows the correct processes and eliminate mistakes

    Agentivity reports who of your consultants follows your processes perfectly and where mistakes are being made. This allows you to provide specific training to the staff that needs it while saving time and money on those that don’t.

    Additionally, with Agentivity, there is no more need for your staff to access the GDS system which means they also don’t need to learn how to pull information from it. Agentivity’s reports are instant and always-up-to-date, making them easy to use even for junior staff.

    “Daily we monitor our bookings that are close to the ticket deadlines to ensure we are prepared and ready to issue tickets when required. Agentivity provides a link to do this in an easy format and we don’t even need to access our GDS system to do this.” – Sharon McManus, Hays Travel

    “Agentivity is an incredibly versatile tool and no TMC should be without it.”

    We’re already helping these top agencies to perform better in 50+ markets globally. Will you be next?

    “Thank you to the Agentivity Team! You really helped me understand so many aspects of my agency business, from true client behaviour to staff productivity. With Agentivity, we can work far more efficiently and focus on the stuff that really matters.”

    At Agentivity, we are focused on your success


    Our reports are based on your requirements. We constantly collaborate with agents to enhance them and develop new functionalities.


    Thanks to our affordable fixed monthly fees, you always know what to expect. On top of that, our error-reducing and time-saving reports will make you that money back in no time.


    We continuously monitor the industry to anticipate any new requirements of suppliers, customers, or regulators so we can integrate them into our reports.

    Agentivity has a ‘can do’ attitude. Replies are instant, everything can be looked into and a solution sought. I’ve felt Agentivity is very proactive and every request I’ve had has been fulfilled, even if some of them have been a bit obscure or out of the box! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Agentivity for the above reasons and this made my job a lot easier.

    No need to change the way you work.
    No software to install.

    Agentivity automatically and continuously updates itself with every booking that is end-transacted regardless of your agency’s workflow. You don’t need to manually send us your data, install yet another piece of software, or change the way you do things to start improving your results and reducing your errors. All it takes is less than a day to save your agency hours of work and errors.

    Agentivity enables us to do much with our data – any agent can just jump in and see results from day one. – Shawn Ashton, Sportscorp Travel

    Is Agentivity a good fit for your Agency?

    Discover how Agentivity helps you gain control of your data to perform better, faster, and more profitably.